Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Midi Widget gating a Eurorack Test No 2

After the success of my breadboard I made up a stripboard for the Midi Widget to provide 8x Eurorack gates. I  thought a stripboard design would cut down on flying wires in the build, and make less work for me!

There's a film of it in action here, and photos below. The film only uses 6 gates as I didn't make up a ribbon cable with enough lines...

Having all these gates to play with in the modular environment is gonna be so much fun!

The jack sockets will attach the stripboard to my enclosure face, in a similar way to a eurorack module.

Rear of stripboard shows where I cut traces.


What next..?

Well, ultimately I'm thinking of using the Midi Widget not only provide gates for my Eurorack, but also remote switch some of my circuit bent instruments. I've already breadboard tested the widget controlling  circuit bent stuff using reed relays,  so my next stage will be to work out a strip board design for this... cool!

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