Thursday, 30 April 2015

Circuit Bent Tr505

A new machine enters the fold– a circuit bent Tr505!

Pitch pot added using LTC1799 circuit. I kept the original crystal and used a DPDT switch to flick between original pitch, and variable pitch. I also added an input so I can control the pitch via cv using my DOEPFER A-101-9. Nice!

24 Bends were added to the ROM chip using a schematic here avoiding the power and gnd pins.

There are tons more bends possible with this machine (just look online) but I'm super happy with my mods  as I use it solely triggered via MIDI, and wanted to create new timbres which the pitch and rom bends do nicely.

Expect new tracks soon...

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Organ Monkey Teeth

Two new tracks on soundcloud: Organ Monkey's Teeth Parts 1 and 2...

In case you're interested...

Both tracks were recorded and mixed in my small home studio in Portsmouth.

OMT part 1 was mostly made with doepfer a100, circuit bent barbie and a microbrute.

Bass 2xa110 vco> a106.1 ms20 copy. The settings on the filter lead to a notch around 100k which the kick fitted into snuggly.

Snare from circuit bent barbie– I sent noise from an am radio into it and then modulated it with a doepfer a100 system. The different timbres are created when I manually adjust settings.

Kick from a100, again no presets here!

Lead from a100 and the barbie again FM cross modulating each other.

Flute from mtron sent out into my mixer and back into logic. (I know it's software but I will never be able to afford a real mellotron!)

Reverb EHX hoy grail, delay EHX memory man.

OMT part 2 was made with circuit bent instruments and a small doepfer a100 system.

Bass a100 recorded through marshal amp with a low signal noise ratio in an attempt to not Freak out our neighbours (hence amp hum!)

Kick and snare also from Doepfer patches - no presets here!

Kick patch used sine and triangle from an a110>a131vca modulated with a145 adsr and a145 lfo (pitch)

Snare patch used the same crappy am radio  fitted with line out as a noise source into a bit crusher > also with an a110> vca modulated with adsr

Vocals processed through circuit bent voice changer and home made distortion box.

Lead from bent casio sa 5 into doepfer wasp filter being swept with foot controller.

Cow bell is a percussive noise from the a100 sent through a high hat with a piezo driver and picked up again with a piezo Mike.

Delay from ehx mm and reverb ehx holy grail.

All tracks run through mackie mixer and arranged in logic.

All in all, one of those sessions where the studio turns into a chaos of wires and possibilities- fun!

Thanks for listening... :)