Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bowie and Beyond: A Music Fan's Guide to Berlin

Slightly off piste for Neal Beard, but I just heard about this programme coming up on BBC6 - Bowie and Beyond: A Music Fan's Guide to Berlin.
I've always been a big Bowie fan, especially of his Eno-Fripp-electronica-infused-Berlin-era, so this programme piqued my interest, especially as I'm due to go to Berlin in a few weeks.

Blurb below...

Here writer and broadcaster Danny Robins looks at what has made the German capital into a rock n roll mecca, exploring the cultural and social forces that have shaped the city's rich musical history from Weimar times, via the Bowie years, to the techno revolution of the 90s and the still vibrant present day music scene.

Danny follows in Bowie and Iggy's footsteps, on a guided tour with former recording engineer Thilo Schmied, who takes him around some of the pair's old haunts and shows him round the legendary Hansa studios where they recorded, in the shadow of the wall and within shooting range of the East German border guards. Bowie and Iggy inspired a creative influx of bands and singers in subsequent decades. Danny meets producer Gareth Jones, who worked with Depeche Mode and Nick Cave at Hansa, and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, still a resident of Berlin.

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