Saturday, 16 March 2013

Noise: A Human History

Noise: A Human History 

This new series coming up on radio four sounds interesting... I like the title anyhow!

A bit more about the series below-

Noise: A Human History is a thirty-part series for BBC Radio 4, starting Monday 18 March, 2013. We hope it will be a vivid and richly textured exploration of the role of sound in the past 100,000 years of human history. Recorded on location around the world, it will take us from the shamanistic trance-music of our cave-dwelling ancestors, the babel of ancient Rome, the massacre of noisy cats in pre-revolutionary Paris, and the sonic assaults of trench warfare, right through to our struggle to find calm in the cacophony of a modern metropolis. This is not about sound in the abstract: it is about sound as a matter of life and death, pain and pleasure, feeling and intellect. People, and their past behaviours, are at the heart of it. The series is written and presented by Professor David Hendy from the University of Sussex and made in collaboration with the British Library’s Sound Archive. The book of the series will be published by Profile Books in March, 2013.

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