Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lsdjmc2 mod

When I originally built the enclosure for my Lsdjmc2 I was using a game boy colour. Because I'm now using a game boy classic had to add an extra cable to the other side of the enclosure.
(the port on a DMG is not only a different size to a GBC, but it is also on the opposite side, something I should have thought about when I originally built it!)

Running an extra cable off the original link connections sorted it. Now I have the option of using a classic or a colour for my chiptunes.

One thing to watch when adding game boy link outs is shielding. When I first wired it I didn't use shielded cable internally and the audio picked up an huge amount of scan noise in between notes. I guess the link cables are heavily shielded for a reason!

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