Monday, 12 March 2012

Gameboy Mods

My latest modded LSDJ GBC - with the following 3 mods:

1 - 3.5mm stereo prosound line out.

Previously I've put in shielded cables that have dangled out of the GB to a 1/4 jack out, but no matter how careful I've been with them, the cable has always broken so the internal jack is a much better solution. I had to bend two capacitors out the way to make room for it.

2- Brand new screen from DJTRANSFORMER

Yeah, no more scratches!

3- DPDT toggle to switch between original crystal clock and 1 octave lower clock.

I bought a good quality switch that is able to flick between clocks whilst LSDJ is running without crashing. When used with LSDJMC2 to externally clock the tempo the lower octave clock affects the pitch only, which is very handy!

Things I might add

LTC1799 circuit for variable pitch. I think there's just enough room to cram it in...
Backlighting - necessary for live performances.

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