Saturday, 30 April 2016

Midiwidget syncs Bent Beats

An experiment using my Midiwidget to trigger and sync bent gear, made entirely with circuit bent gear.

For the percussive elements I used a circuit bent Tr505 and Hot Music drum toy. The Midiwidget also triggers a home made Lo-fi sampler which is CV controlled through a Belcat analog delay with a Doepfer A101.9 Universal Vactrol Module.

Square wave broken chords from a Gameboy runnning LSDJ.

Reverb is from ehx holy grail.

Only 3 mins long coz thats about all my ears could stand!

Thanks for listening/looking...

The Midiwidget with 8x RCA cables running out to various devices.

Circuit Bent Toys rehoused in black boxes and the Belcat Delay. 

The bent Tr505. The Midiwidget turns on and off bends between points on its ROM chip.

The Hot Music drum toy which I had to re-house to fit all the connections I wanted. It features dirty kick, snare and ride samples with lots of aliasing...

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