Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spirochetes must die: two new tracks on Soundcloud

Spirochetes Must Die: part 1 was made using Doepfer a100 system controlled by hands and feet, with additional midi sequencing.

Drums Korg ER1 and tip tops 808 snare and kick clones sequenced with an a190-1.

The envelope of the noise(s) was synchronised to the midi clock and modulated using logic x's new midi fx (lfo) sent to cv2 of the a190-1.

Timing goes way out at one point, not sure why, but I kind of like when things like that happen!

Also used an ehx electric mistress and a holy grail.

Spirochetes Must Die: part 2 was made using an a155 which I've just bought secondhand. My idea was to try and make a sequence that felt random but regular, by combining the a155 with an a160, a161 and an a151. This section also uses a circuit bent Casio SK1 midi triggered using Highly Liquid's retrofit.

The second pulsing section (and outro) was made using the a100 and guitar (sent through a behringer harmoniser and big muff.)

Reverb again from an ehx holy grail and delay from ehx MM.

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