Friday, 19 April 2013

Schneider's Buero Berlin

Whilst on a recent holiday in Berlin I made a pilgrimage to the legendary Schneider's Buero; but first I had to find it. Not an easy task!

Once inside the staff were all really friendly, knowledgeable and able to advise, whilst also allowing me space to experiment on my own. I went there with a shopping list, expecting to have to pick and choose depending on what was in stock. They had everything on it!

Could this be the hotline to the London test salon...?

You want hardware? They got it!

Even the ceiling is cool.

My daughter loved this Doepfer LMK2+ housed in an old piano.

Summing up: if you're into analog synths and you're in Berlin,  Germany, or even Europe, I'd definitely make a trip there. In fact I'd like to take another trip to Berlin, just go to Schneider's. It's a unique place with a fantastic vibe, great staff,  great gear, and an ethos that exudes enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Long live Schneiders!

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