Thursday, 28 February 2013

Multiple Outputs in Logic

When I started making music as Neal Beard and his Machines my idea was to not use any software instruments at all; all the sounds were made outside of the the computer, and Logic was to be used solely to sequence MIDI (for my external machines), and then record the music made by the machines (and me) back in.

My interest in using lo-fi samplers; kids toys, my c64 and latterly my Doepfer A112, has caused me to become interested in the idea of using higher spec samplers and loopers to mimic the way tape was used in early electronic music. Ideally I'd like to get something like an EHX2880 or a Sp404sx but samplers that run at 16bit 44mhz are expensive!

Which has led me back to Logic and it's EXS24 plug in. I have experimented with it in the past, but felt it's sounds trapped inside the computer, so rendering them soulesss and un-sculptable, and not part of the Neal Beard sound.

Random Sampler Experiment 1

Then I got the idea of outputting the EXS24 audio into into my matrices of lo-fi gear to shape and fuck it up, before returning it to Logic for recording.

To do this and avoid creating unwanted feedback loops you really need to have multiple outs. Unfortunately I only have 2 ins and two outs linked to my mixer. My first idea was to use the Mac's internal outs in as two extra outputs.

Soft Freaked Beat - EXS24 internal soft mix.
Hard Freaked Beat - EXS24 external harware mix.

As you can hear it's not great! The audio out is too weak a signal, and for some reason there is a very high pitched loud hum, possibly a ground loop in there too. With lots of EQ and compression I started to work with it to make a track, which is ok as an experiment, but not ideal for everything!

Bugger it!

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