Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Neal Beard EP 8

EP 8 is finished and available for free download here.

Neal Beard and his Machines EP 8
01 Bit Rot Cycle     6:48  
02 Trajectory Error     17:48 

Recorded Portsmouth Nov 2011.

Neal Beard and his machines hope you enjoy listening to their musical creations.

The first track Bit Rot Cycle is also on Soundcloud below.


   Bit Rot Cycle by Neal Beard & his Machines 

The EP was recorded using a home made matrix mixer, feedback loops, piezo mikes, a High Hat, an EHX small stone, a circuit bent Belcat analog delay pedal, LSDJ, a MFOS WSG,a EHX Memory Man, a EHX Pulsar, an EHX Holy Grail, a circuit bent Speak and Maths, a cosmic choir from hell and several home made filters, mostly recorded and mixed in a single take in real space-time.

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