Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blast Fed Disaster

Another new machine joins the merry band - a Blast Fed Disaster built from schematics by the excellent Squarewave Parade.

It's a very squirrely but fun synth. If you build one yourself I'd recommend putting the body contacts in as they are the most expressive way to play it. My enclosure is an old Sennheiser microphone box. The body contact plate was salvaged from a crappy electronic steel drum toy.

This new track called The Devils Noise uses it...

Here's what The Squarewave Parade says about it,

"here is an elaboration on Forrest M. Mims III's stepped tone generator, which has also been refered to as an "Atari Punk Console". my version has a little more potential for sound creation, from quantized synth notes to harsh variable digital static. a total of 7 knobs, a hand full of switches and two control voltage ( marked CV ) inputs."

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