Thursday, 8 April 2010


Neal Beard's first foray into the world of chiptunes! Having had a color gameboy hanging around since the late nineties, I decided to put it to use...

I bought a pre-flashed LSDJ cart from the excellent DJ Transformer website/shop, and because all my machines are MIDI integrated their DIY LSDJMC2 kit .

I also Pro-sound modded the gameboy for better sound.

A first track called 'The Gameboy Bajan Bee Song' here.
Drums are from a circuit bent DD10, additional keyboard from a Casio VL1.

A link to LSDJ's wiki site here and all the LSDJ manuals here.
And a link to firesARTer's MC2 schematics here.


Basta said...

hi, i buy this kit, but i have a many problems to link che bg cable...can you help me, pleaseee :D

Neal Beard said...

hello sorry I've only just seen this post!
Not sure if I can still help or not -you might have sorted it by now - was it the link cable you had probs with?