Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ring Mod

Another new addition to the band - a RING MODULATOR - built using schematics from Craig Anderton's excellent book Guitar Electronics for Musicians built as a kit from PAIA.
The only problem is I haven't got it working properly yet, probably because I didn't give it a bi-polar power supply (whatever that is!)
Fingers crossed closer scrutiny of the book, and a bipolar power source, should yield a fully working unit...

Bi-polar power added - still no joy - bugger....

An email to PAIA swiftly followed by a fulsome and comprehensive reply from their tech support quickly located and solved the problem so it now works!

In case anyone else is having problems with this circuit pin voltages for the IC's from Scott Lee at PAIA below...

IC1 5532 IC2 (565)

The IC pins are numbered as shown above as viewed from the component side of the board.
pin 1 0VDC
pin 2 0VDC
pin 3 0VDC
pin 4 -7VDC
pin 5 0VDC
pin 6 0VDC
pin 7 0VDC
pin 8 +7VDC

pin 1 -6VDC
pin 2 0 to +1VDC
pin 3 0 to +1VDC
pin 4/5 appx. +2VDC
pin 6/7 +3 to +6VDC
pin 8 -4 to +4VDC
pin 9 appx. 0VDC
pin 10 +6VDC
pins 11-14 n.c. open circuit

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